About Us

Manorglobe Ltd is a family-run business based in Andover, Hampshire, dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and selling GameSafe and RoeSafe game storage bags. The business was founded in 2002 by John Moodie, a farmer and keen follower of country pursuits.

After becoming frustrated by losing so much of his shot game to flies, as well as losing money and time, he scoured the market for a solution to his problem.

When he was unable to find a solution, John set about having the products designed and manufactured.

A Welcome Addition

The GameSafe saw success and has been welcomed by hunters who felt the same way. This ingenious, light, and hygienic pop-up product is extremely simple to use, and very efficient for preserving shot game from flies, which can cause maggot infestation. This allows you to combat wastage. The practical nature and ease of use of these products has made them an absolute must for anyone who enjoys shooting. Order yours and see why so many shooters enjoy using them, and how convenient they are for storing your game. We take great pride in providing these high-quality storage options to our customers. Trust us to deliver the most convenient options for protecting your fresh game from flies and other scavengers.

For further information on our game storage bags, call us, in Andover, Hampshire.