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Protection for Your Game

GameSafe is designed to provide you with a fly-free area in which to hang your quarry, especially in the 24 hours between shooting and delivery to your game dealer. You hang the carcass from the hook and zip up your bag.

GameSafe is reusable, and can be washed between uses. The flat-pack design is easy to store when not in use. Once you undo the fasteners, the unique designs spring into shape, providing a perfect place to store pheasant, duck or grouse. GameSafe is lightweight and easy to take into the field, which is especially useful during high temperature seasons. It can be hung up anywhere, and includes hygienic, removable drip trays.

The GameSafe is just £34.99. Wholesale prices may vary based on order sizes.

Watch the video below to see how simple it is to unpack and then repack your GameSafe.

For further information on our game storage bags, call us, in Andover, Hampshire.